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Our VIP Room on FaceBook

18+ Only and Membership request required to join, All is welcome. 

Where the party is at, in our VIP room all bets are off we talk about all things you want to know, but we can't advertise through the main business page due to Laws. 

Its the room you to need to be apart of, For all the exclusivities and VIP entitlements that come along with The Vape Emporium. 

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Gold Coast Vape Community (18+)

  • This group on FaceBook is one to Join for our customers, meet real people, some maybe having same issues as you or if you want to relate, laugh even just vent, this Group Is perfect for new or old Vapers.
  • Membership request required (Just tell em Brad from TVE told you to join)

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The Vaping Bogan (18+)

Denny highly recommends to all of our customers to watch the review and education videos. I guess you can say that Denny is a massive fan. But in all honesty The Bogan tells it as it is.

  • The vaping bogan ( Warning Crude humour )
  • The vaping bogan will tell you how it is, he is a fantastic Vape re-viewer on vaping products and hi is a good friend to the vape emporium.
  • Youtube Video Reviews recommended. 
  • Shortcut link to his FB page below, go like his page and follow him!


Vape Girl Advice( 18+ )

  • Girls and Vapes, another fantastic group to be apart of, and this is in our top 3 group's.
  • Membership request required 18+
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muffs-a-puffin (18+)

  • All Girls Vape Group on Face Book, one for the ladies taking about lady things and Vape.
  • Membership request required. 
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Vape Fam Australia (18+)

  • All of Australia is Vaping, Vaping family on Facebook
  • Membership Request required.
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