Frequently Asked Questions

This is some of the most asked questions we have been asked at The Vape Emporium, there are tons of thing to know about vaping and we encourage you to join as many "vape" groups as possible and ask questions and get lots of peoples take on vaping. The great thing is that this industry changes constantly and you will be for ever learning. Just remember that there is no stupid questions, it’s stupid not to ask.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour produced by a vapouriser or electronic cigarette. The vapour is produced from a material such as an E-Liquid.

What is a Vape device?

Today the 3 main types of Vapourisers are the following:

  1. Pod device
  2. Pen or Box Mod device (Regulated)
  3. Mech devices (Non-Regulated)

Pod Device is a small low wattage device which replicates a cigarette to a tee

Pen or Box Mod Regulated Devices are an easy to use and maintain device. With replaceable parts to ensure a long life.

Mech Unregulated Devices.Thesekinds of devices are for experienced vapers only as there is no safety features (chipset).


What materials can be Vaped?

In Australia, the most common substance to vape is E-juice, E-Liquid or Vape Juice.

There are other liquids like THC, CBD that you can vape but in Australia these substances are illegal to possess and or vape on.


Do I need vape e-juice containing nicotine to vape?

This is a question which is asked all too often, especially by those who have little to no experience with Vaping. And that is totally understandable, and the simple answer is NO, you can successfully quit smoking without the use of nicotine all you need is the right set up and a great flavour to vape on. 

Nicotine is illegal to sell and or gift in Australia, it can be obtained online and shipped to you from companies outside of Australia. 


Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

E-Juice is generally a lot cheaper than cigarettes. For example, it’s possible for 20 cigarettes a day smoker in Australia to save approximately $4,000 - $9,000 a year by Vaping, however everyone is different. 

Is inhaling second hand vapour harmful?

Unlike smoking, there is no combustion process and therefore there is no tar components in the vapour during exhalation and as such poses no known health concerns. If you have approval and use Nicotine in your vape, The amounts of nicotine contained in the vapour quickly evaporates into the air.

Which vape should I buy? 

There are mainly two ways to approach vaping, one is called MTL (mouth to lung) and the other is called DTL (direct to lung). The mouth to lung vaporizer is studied to simulate the puff of a cigarette, with a very restricted amount of airflow and generally a cooler vapor production that stays in your mouth before getting “digested” into your lungs, while a direct to lung experience sees a direct inhaling of warmer vapor to your lungs thanks to the use of more powerful devices.

The best way to find out what style will suit you is to get a starter kit , where the mod (the unit that holds the batteries and the screen with the settings ) and the tank (the part where the juice is stored and vaporized thanks to the coil) are studied to deliver a smooth vapor production without the needing of complicated settings. There are literally hundreds of different kits out there, which we can assist you in finding the right one for you.

What is a coil? 

A coil is the heating element that make the evaporation of juice possible. There are mainly two components within a coil, one is the heating wire and the other is the cotton. The wire spirals inside the coil and get surrounded by cotton strips (or vice-versa) and sits inside the tank (MTL or DTL), when the liquid is inserted into the tank the cotton absorbs it and once we press the button on the mod the wire gets hot, creating the vapor that will end up in our lungs.

The resistance of a coil will determine how much vapor will be produced, this resistance is measured in what we call OHMs and is expressed in numbers. When you start with a kit, you will have different coils that will produce different results depending on the mod that you are using, and the tank installed.

Generally speaking, very low OHMs (under 1.0) are suitable for a DTL experience while any coil that passes 1 Ohm are ideal for MTL vaping, you will find that number imprinted on the coil itself. Advanced vapers are making their own coils and experiment with different setting but for now all you need to know are the basics (No rocket science, just a minimum understanding of the OHM law will make you appreciate and understand what’s going on inside that box before a mouthful of yummy flavoured vapor hits your taste buds).

What is the liquid? 

The liquid (originally called Juice) is a mix of components that allow different levels of vapor production with less or more flavour intensity. The two main components are called PG(Propylene Glycol) and VG(Vegetable Glycerine) that mixed in different ratios will create more or less vapor and more or less flavour, flavour that will be added later to the mix in a concentrate form.

There are many flavours out there to explore, don’t give up vaping all together just because you tried a couple of unpleasant juices, keep searching and you will find! National and international producers have been around for years and have mastered the art of replicating the flavour of a particular beverage, fruit, plant. think what you like and get the liquid that contains it, very simple.

If you keen on saving money and expand the challenge, on top of making your own coils you can even make your own juice! Shops sell straight PG and VG bottles and you will have a long list of flavour concentrates to mix match and vape, after you let them sit (steep) for few days. For now, tho you might want to stick to the premade juice, you can spoil yourself as you are already saving a lot of money from not smoking!

Oh yea, nicotine. Well you don’t have to renounce the nicotine when you start vaping, you can have it in your juice, if you want! Unfortunately, here in Australia we can’t buy nicotine (Nic) but it’s easy enough to order it from overseas, already mixed in the juice or in pure form to mix it yourself.

There are many more questions to ask about vaping and we recommend that you join as many Facebook groups and forums that can be found on the internet and make sure that you join our Facebook page @thevapeemporiumaustralia and join our VIP group as well.


This information has been compiled from various sources including vape fam Australia and other Facebook pages