About Us

A little background about Denny, Brad and The Vape Emporium:

Brad was a pack a day smoker with significant health issues and spending over $200 a week on cigarettes. A coffee and a cigarette were his breakfast for 8 years of his life. When he first started vaping, he still had that morning cigarette, but he would then vape for the rest of the day. About two years later, he woke up one morning and went straight for the vape and hasn't looked back. Years later and still vaping, his doctor has told him that his bloods are fine and his lungs are better than ever before.

Denny had a similar and yet different journey. Denny started smoking at 16 years old. By the time he was 35 he had only 48% lung capacity. After many failed attempts at quitting using a variety of anti-smoking tools, his doctor suggested he try a Vape. Within 3 months, he was completely off nicotine and his health has continued to improve since.

It seems impossible sometimes not to reach for a cigarette because it is the easy, comfortable thing to do. Do not give in! Contact us at The Vape Emporium first! We are more than happy to support you and talk you through it. Both Denny and Brad have been there, so trust us when we say we have your back.

If you fall down? It's ok! Get back up and try again. Just think, if you can cut out one packet of smokes per week, that's millions of toxic chemicals you didn’t put into your body, you can call that a WIN! 

At the risk of stating the obvious, we are not doctors. So please speak with your doctor if you have any health-related concerns. They may want to do a health assessment and offer an alternative. 

We started this business because of how much vaping changed our lives for the better! We want the opportunity to share this experience with others.