Vape Mystery Packs - What's in the Box? Shh, it's a secret!

Vape Mystery Packs

  • We have 4 categories available for our Mystery Packs at the moment
  • Each category has 4-6 different Mystery Packs
  • Use the drop-down menu in each category to find the right Mystery Pack for you
  • Each Mystery Pack comes with everything needed to start Vaping. Though, depending on the Mystery Pack you choose, the Added Value could be from $10 to $100.
  • Be sure to check out all the Mystery Packs and get the best value.

Why we have Mystery Packs...

Do you love everything to do with Vaping, and yet are still struggling to choose the Vape of your dreams? Take a chance on us. Here, at The Vape Emporium, we know what you want!

We have learned from our customers what they want by listening to their feedback. We have applied this feedback to our Mystery Packs.

Still not convinced? Alright, we will even through in some added value with your Mystery Pack. Just in case the suspense and mystery are not enough to push you over the edge. The added value will be between $10 to $100. Each Pack will have a different value added so make sure you check them out and see which would be best for you.

We would love to get your feedback on your Mystery Pack once you've had a chance to use the products. Did we get it right? We're we in sync with your desires? Or, was it a total disaster? If we hit the nail on the head, feel free to spread your new found love for The Vape Emporium on social media. If we missed the nail and smashed you on the thumb, Whoops, sorry! Either way, let us know how we went.