'My First Vape' All you need to know to kick off your Vape Journey

So, are you excited? You should be! You are on your way to a better quality of life. Though the journey may not be easy, the rewards will be well worth it. Better health, more family time, saving a little coin, maybe you're shopping for a friend. What ever the reason may be, you will certainly learn a few things and also have some fun along the way.

Key things to consider:

  • Your current smoking habits
  • Your short term and long term goals regarding those smoking habits
  • Your current smoking expenses and your ideal Vaping budget
    • From a weekly cost point of view, you will likely find Vaping to a more affordable alternative than smoking cigarettes

Recommended Vape products:

  • Vaping starter kits - [Vapouriser, charger and build kit]
  • E-Juice [All E-Juice and Vapourisers are compatible]
  • Most start with a tobacco flavoured E-Juice and alternate with a sweet Fruit flavour


Is there any upkeep when Vaping?

    Yes, there are consumables and servicing requirements for your Vapouriser
      • E-Juice
        • Atomiser re-builds: Cotton, Coils, Replacement Pods etc.
          • Batteries

              Can I get help or support if I have questions or need some help?

                Yes, you have friends here at The Vape Emporium so don't be afraid to reach out
                • There are a range of ways to get in touch with us. Pop over to the 'Contact Us' tab